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​Beginners HTML & CSS

Core HTML and CSS coding skills for Intranet designers and administrators responsible for content creation.

This course is for those interested in learning HTML (the language of the web) to develop their Intranet pages.  This workshop is particularly beneficial to those who want to understand the underlying structure of sites created with WYSWYG packages such as Dreamweaver, Expression Web or Content Management Systems like Joomla! and SharePoint.

No previous coding experience required. Must have good mouse and keyboard skills.

What you will learn

You will be able to:

  • Understand how the HTML and CSS work within the context of your Intranet
  • Understand what HTML is and the principles of using it
  • Understand limitations of design and how to get around them
  • Create, format and place images on pages from scratch
  • Create external cascading style sheets for consistent formatting
  • Create tables for content layout
  • Create external and internal links
  • Upload and maintain your content​


Session 1: Intranet design terminology, basic considerations and an introduction to HTML mark up

Session 2: Getting started – Inserting text, previewing pages in the browser, Headings, Paragraph and line breaks.

Session 3: Formatting and aligning – Setting attributes, background and text colour.

Session 4: Links – Creating links to pages, external sites, linking to anchors.


Session 5: CSS Formatting – Creating and linking a simple CSS stylesheet, redefining HTML styles.

Session 6: Tables – Creating, Aligning text in cells, merging cells.

Session 7: Images – File formats, images as links, alternate text labels.

Session 8: Testing and maintenance – Final considerations, uploading demonstration.

COST:  In-house workshop - £100 per delegate (Groups of 4-8)

Includes: Exercises, guides, reference manual and email support

Excludes: Trainer expenses (travel/ accommodation as required)​