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Microsoft Office 365; Introduction

Duration:  One-Day

  • Setup and use Office 365 on your PC and mobile devices
  • Use the Outlook web app for your email and calendar
  • Access the Office 2013 web apps
  • Understand the different forms of web app
  • Store and manage your files on the SkyDrive
  • Create and manage team SharePoint sites


WHO SHOULD ATTEND:​This is a comprehensive introduction to using Office 365 and will cover all aspects of using this online version of Microsoft Office.

It will introduce users to the benefits of the OneDrive as a means of data storage and also the advantages of SharePoint team sites. This course will be of benefit to anyone new to Office 365 or who has had limited experience of SharePoint.


EXPERIENCE NEEDED:​Delegates should have an understanding of any of the following operating systems: Windows XP or above.​ Any previous experience with Microsoft Office would be useful.