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​​​​​​Good SharePoint courses come in all shapes and sizes - it's a bit clichéd I know, but one-size really doesn't fit all.

In order to match someone to the right workshop, it's always useful to ask a few questions first:

  1. Have you used SharePoint in any capacity before?
  2. Do you have a SharePoint Enviroment available to work on?
  3. If you do, what is your current role in working with SharePoint?
  4. What problem are you trying to solve?
  5. What business processes do you currently have in place, that you would like to use SharePoint for?

The best SharePoint training focuses on the business solution rather than the mechanics. 

SharePoint is brilliant simply because it is one of many tools that can be used to solve business problems.

Anyone can teach you to click here or click there, or you could read a book (there are a lot of great ones out there), but workshop-based learning with an experienced real-world practitioner (that's me!) allows you to get your hands dirty - to find out, not only what works, but what doesn't work as well, saving you hours of needless frustration.

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