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​​Writing for the Intranet


Corporate intranets have become invaluable to organisations seeking to maximise their internal communications – but is the content user-friendly or is there a danger of reaching information overload?

This course follows simple principles, supported by current research, helping you to achieve more effective employee communications. This in turn can lead to better employee relations and greater employee motivation.


What you learn

  • The principles of good writing techniques for online media
  • The principles of good internal communications 
  • Techniques for connecting with readers and boosting readability
  • Tips for ensuring readers do not miss crucial information
  • How to write strong headlines and effective links.
In addition, the course will explore:
  • How to handle sensitive or controversial issues
  • How to consider eye-tracking and reading patterns when creating content.
  • How to convert offline material - such as leaflets, brochures and reports - into accessible intranet content
  • Writing techniques to capture and hold the reader’s attention
  • Common intranet mistakes and how to avoid them.
What you gain:
By the end of the session you'll be equipped with a powerful set of intranet writing tools designed to help you breathe new life into your internal communications.

Who should attend:
The course is especially recommended if any of the following apply:
  • you are new to writing for the intranet and want to learn best practice techniques
  • your intranet has been redesigned and you feel its content also needs to be upgraded
  • many people write for your organisation's intranet and you want to achieve a consistent approach
  • you feel your organisation could achieve better internal communications if you and your colleagues knew how to write more effectively for the intranet.

COST:  In-house workshop - £450

Includes: Exercises, guides, reference manual and email support

Excludes: Trainer expenses (travel/ accommodation as required)​